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Dru Maestro 80/2 Eco Wave


Dru Maestro 80/2 Eco Wave

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The DRU Maestro Eco Wave series are the very latest in contemporary gas fire design and technology.

DRU Maestro 80/2 Eco Wave is an elegant 2-sided corner model that can be installed into a false chimney breast or a room dividing wall. It has a viewing window 550 mm high x 760 mm wide x 350 mm deep. Standard front and 3-sided models are also available.


These exceptionally spacious gas fires are characterised by the most realistic log fire display that DRU has ever produced, with gorgeous high and deep dancing flames adding an outstanding statement to any room. 

Like all DRU fires, Maestro gas fires are equipped with a remote control with room temperature display. They also feature the exclusive DRU Eco Wave app for tablets and smartphones. This enables the homeowner to adjust the height of the flames, both for visual effect and to regulate gas consumption. For further information, visit the Eco Wave web page.

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